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Sunday Joyride: £60/hour – Relax and Learn on Lazy Sundays!

Welcome to Swan Driving School’s Sunday Joyride, where learning to drive on lazy Sundays becomes an absolute delight! If you’re seeking a relaxed yet enriching driving experience, this package is designed to make your Sundays truly special.

Why Choose Sunday Joyride

With our Sunday Joyride package, you can experience automatic driving lessons at the delightful rate of £60 per hour, exclusively available on Sundays. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind, embrace the joy of driving, and make the most of your leisurely day.

Driving Lesson Packages

Choose from our diverse range of driving lesson packages to suit your learning preferences and goals:

  • 1 hour – £60: Set off on a leisurely and focused driving session.
  • 1.5 hours – £90: Extend your learning time for maximum progress.
  • 2 hours – £120: Comprehensive lessons to build strong driving foundations.
  • 5 hours – £300: Dive deep into learning with substantial practice.
  • 8 hours – £480: Ideal for dedicated learners aiming for rapid progress.
  • 10 hours – £600: The preferred choice for immersive and extensive training.
  • 14 hours – £840: Take your driving skills to the next level with intensive practice.
  • 18 hours + 1 free – £1080: Extensive training with an added incentive.
  • 24 hours + 2 free – £1440: The ultimate package to master your driving abilities.
  • 30 hours + 2 free – £1800: Unleash your full driving potential with this comprehensive package.

Leisurely Learning:

At Swan Driving School, we understand the importance of relaxation on Sundays. Sunday Joyride offers you a laid-back and stress-free environment to learn and grow as a driver while savoring the essence of your lazy day.

Meet Ali Djemal – Your Expert Instructor

Our professional ADI driving instructor, Ali Djemal, boasts over 20 years of experience, making him the perfect guide for your Sunday Joyride. Ali’s friendly approach and wealth of knowledge will make your driving lessons enjoyable and enriching.

Book Your Sunday Joyride Today

Make the most of your lazy Sundays by embarking on a delightful driving adventure with Sunday Joyride! Click the “Book Now” button to secure your spot or reach out to Ali directly for any additional information. If Ali is out on the road, worry not, leave a voice message, and he’ll get back to you promptly.

Get ready to relax and learn on lazy Sundays, and let’s make your weekend extraordinary with Swan Driving School. Choose Sunday Joyride, and let the tranquil journey begin!

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