Automatic Driving Lessons in Bromley, London. We’re your local Driving School to help you to pass your Practical Driving Test.

If you live in Bromley and you want to pass your Driving Test, we are the Driving School for you as we cover your area.

Bromley Driving School

We are a fast growing Driving School based in East London offering Automatic Driving Lessons in Bromley (BR1 and BR2 postcodes) and Kent, most areas covered.

We will teach all you need to know to pass your Driving Test with success in an automatic car.  We are fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) and we provide intensive and semi-intensive driving courses as well as individual driving lessons.

You’ll be given some of the best driving advice you’ll ever get – whether you’ve passed or failed – during your driving lessons.

We’ll help you to have a clear idea of your weaknesses, ask to concentrate on them in lessons and consider the last minute lesson before your test to calm your nerves.

We will focus on driving near your local driving test centres, which are Bromley Court, Hither Green, West Wickham (London) and Sidcup. 

Bromley automatic
Driving lessons

Driving in Bromley and South East London

When booking your theory test, we go through the dates and times available at you local theory test centre with you. You decide which time and dates suit you best. Studying for the theory test takes around 15 hours. Check out our prices.

Bromley is located 4.5 miles (7.2 km) northeast of London Biggin Hill airport and 9.3 miles (15 km) south east of Charing Cross and is one of the major metropolitan centres found in the London Plan. Bromley is in the BR postcode area, consisting of BR1 and part of the BR2 postcode district. BR1 coversBickley, Sundridge Park, Bromley and part of Downham; and the BR2 portion covers Shortlands, Bickley, Hayes and Bromley Common

If you’d prefer a different type of driving courses, such as intensive driving courses or manual driving lessons, please contact us for more information.  Our bespoke range of courses is suitable for everybody, with no driving experience through to people who have had driving lessons and driving tests already.

Bromley Area Map

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